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Cottage 5 is done! We started construction on April 6th, it was cold and snowing and completed the cottage on June 30th to much warmer weather and the sun shining.  We would like to thank Dave Lynch of DC Concrete, Lily Bay, Cater Plumbing, Pat Bryant Electrical, PCI, Menards, friends and family for their help with our new cottage.

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We are proud of our son Joe and all our service men and women. 

We are proud of our son.  USMC  HooRah!

News: Marine acknowledged for outstanding performance

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2nd Marine Division

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Lance Cpl. Krista James

Lance Cpl. Joseph Davis, Black Sea Rotational Force 14’s Marine of the Week and Light Armored Vehicle crewman, looks on while conducting training. Davis is a part of the first full-year rotation of BSRF-14 in Mihail Kogalniceanu, Romania. A yearly U.S. rotational presence continues to promote regional stability, build and maintain partner relations, and develop partner capacities throughout the Black Sea region.

MIHAIL KOGALNICEANU, Romania - Marines with Black Sea Rotational Force 14 understand the pressure of performing day after day in order to perfect the finer details of mission accomplishment. Marines who continue to demonstrate exceptional performance and effective leadership compete for the title, Marine of the Week. Each week BSRF-14’s leadership meets and recommends eligible Marines. Major Jacob Q. Robinson, BSRF-14’s officer-in-charge, makes the final decision.

Lance Cpl. Joseph Davis, a Light Armored Vehicle crewman with BSRF-14, and Denmark, WI native, was awarded Marine of the Week for outstanding performance and leadership at Mihail Kogalniceanu, Romania, Sept. 20, 2013.

This award shows appreciation to Marines with BSRF-14 for working hard day-in and day-out, having excellent leadership, promoting the core values of honor, courage, and commitment, and caring about troop welfare.

Davis said that he appreciates being noticed for his outstanding performance.

“It feels good that I’m being acknowledged for doing a good job [and knowing] that [the leadership] is actually watching,” said Davis.

Staff Sgt. Shaun Doyle, a platoon sergeant with BSRF-14, said that Davis really stood out this week, and that is why he was chosen for the award.

“We chose Lance Cpl. Davis for Marine of the week because he was the most qualified for [the award], and the most stellar performer in our platoon,” said Doyle.

Davis believes he received the award for his instant willingness and obedience to orders.

“He is a born leader, he’s ready to assist in any role, he’s ready to be a non-commissioned officer, and he also strives to be just like all of his NCOs,” said Doyle.

Davis has been training with BSRF-14 as a part of a rotational U.S. presence in the Black Sea region. The Marines aim to increase the level of cooperation between our militaries and partner nations. This interoperability will further strengthen relations and security cooperation efforts.

“If they ask me to do something, I get it done,” said Davis. “I [also] get a lot of the younger Marines to get stuff done, too.”
Doyle said that having an award like Marine of the Week will give the junior Marines something to strive for during deployment.
“The award of Marine of the Week is important because it lets the [younger guys] know what the leadership thinks of them,” said Doyle. “It will help them excel and strive [to get the award].”

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