Baileys Sunset Motel & Cottages

Treat each other like you treat your friends.      920-839-2218 

Free Wi-Fi


We offer coffee, juice, tea, hot cocoa, prepackaged muffins & danish every morning from
7:30am -10:00am

We have a large selection of movies available for your viewing pleasure.

Soda / Water / Snacks
Water, soda and snacks are available for purchase in the office.

Ice/Freezer Space
Bags of ice are available in the office.
We also offer plenty of freezer space for all the fish you catch.

Athletic Equipment / Games
We have games and athletic equipment available for you to check out at the office.

Souvenirs are available for purchase in the lobby.

We offer plenty of space for your trailers and boat parking.

We have some nice walking trails with apple trees, raspberry bushes, a pear tree, and recently planted grape vines. Help yourself to any of these tasty fruits as you stroll along enjoying nature.